Cubase 9.5 upgrade problem

Hello, I’m new to the forum, but a long time Cubase user.

I recently purchased Cubase 9.5, directly from Steinberg/ASKNET for my new computer. I downloaded the installer, ordered and received my new eLicenser, and installed eLicenser control center. The full download went perfectly and I entered the license KEY in my purchase email. It went smoothly, and even prompted me to update to the very latest version.

Now here’s where the problem started…when i tried to enter the KEY license onto the new eLicenser, it would not accept it…it showed INVALID. I double and triple checked the KEY and my procedure, and it would not accept it.
I got on an im CHAT with an Asknet tech assistant(Chris), who even got on the phone with me as he thought it would be easier to communicate.
Long story short, he discovered what the problem was. The error was mine…
Basically when I looked to see what versions were eligible to upgrade to 9.5 Pro, my version, Cubase Studio 4 was on the list( my specific version is 4.0.2 Studio). Where I screwed up was the purchase price. I saw the upgrade price as $299, which I selected and the order went through. What Chris the chat assistant discovered was that the price of $299, was only for upgrading from another PRO version, not STUDIO or any other lower version. the price for up upgrading from a lower version is $449. I get that now, but how was I allowed to download for the $299 price and install the PRO version in the first place??..only to get stopped at the point I’m at now??.

Chris told me to contact ASKNET to work out issue, and see if there was a way for me to simply pay the remaining balance, which I can do no problem.
I’ve tried calling and emailing ASKNET and have received no response over the last few days.
I need to get this issue resolved ASAP.
Is there anyone on here that could suggest a better way of reaching Steinberg directly to resolve this problem??

Thank you

I’m afraid since you accidentally selected the wrong download in the shop which is controlled by Asknet, it is they who will have to sort this out for you.

I’ve tried reaching asknet several times, by phone and email, 4days now and still no response???.
I will keep trying as I need to get this resolved asap.

How did it go?