Cubase 9.5 UR22MK2 no sound recording


I stay five month without using Cubase, so I’d like to add an intro to one of my song, but I heard nothing. The settings are the same, I did the update 9.5.50 and restart my computer, but still no sound recording.

Finally, I try to use “Audacity” a free software, but it’s the same thing, play music but no record, so I thing it’s not Cubase which was wrong, but My Ur22Mk2 or my computer (but I check it and it work well)

Could you help me ?
Cubase Elements 64bit 2019.5.13 15.11.dmp (549 KB)


I’ve tried to reinstall the software, but the problem is still the same. I give you a screen shot.

Thank’s for your answer,


Christian Mazars
06 37 04 61 12