Cubase 9.5 - Using Alesis IO26 - Need HDM? Help..!

Not sure that this is the appropriate forum - but since Alesis support is non existent…

I have an Alesis IO26 which I got off ebay. After some searching I was able to find drivers online that run on my OS X El Capitan Mac, which runs Cubase LE AL Elements 9.5. However, as it currently stands I am only able to record through the first XLR input – none of the others record to cubase. When playing through the various inputs - each of the respective meters light up indicating that the sound is being received. So it seems that the problem is with my cubase input connections. When I go to the 'track inspector" and select the input channel it only gives me options of left and right.

According to this (old) youtube video (IO26 setup with CubaseLE4 - YouTube) there should be an option for each input of the IO26 in cubase’s ‘input connections’ in the ‘inspector’ tab (a total of 8 inputs to select from).

My goal is to get cubase track 1 to correspond with input 1, track 2 with input 2 and so on. Based on the video, I am led to believe that in order to do this I need to install the Alesis HDM (Hardware Direct Monitoring) software - However I cannot find it anywhere on the internet as Alesis have taken down all their downloads which support the IO26. I thought maybe I could solve the issue in the “studio setup” tab, but it won’t allow me to change (or see) these additional IO26 inputs… Is it correct to assume that the HDM will solve my problem? Anybody have the files they can send? It would be greatly appreciated…! Would really like to use this interface as it seemed to be what I needed…

Have only found this site with HDM downloads - but the links are removed

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer any information…!

Maybe you don’t have to do this on a Mac but, did you set up the input and output buses in the Studio>VST Connections menu then assign them in the I/O inspector section of each track?

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OK, thanks a lot…! your message helped me to figure it out.
When (stereo) Input 1 was set to left (default) and (stereo) input 2 was set to right then tracks 1 and 2 could be recorded on with their respective inputs from the IO26. Then I added 6 more (mono) buses in ‘audio connections’ and it seems to work fine…! probably should have been able to figure this out - but I’ve been used to the simplicity of the IO2 where you just set each input to left and right and never have to add any more buses. Thanks for your help…!

still, if anyone has the files for the HDM - it would still be useful to get the most out of the IO26. But at least now it works and can get to recording with it!