Cubase 9.5 - VST effects can be added, but not selected?

Some VST effects just do not show up as available after I add them to the plugin manager.

So far, I have had trouble with AudioThing plugin effects, GVST plugin effects and Psychic Modulation plugin effects. All purchased legit.

I add the folders in question to the VST 2 plugin path settings, hit rescan, and while the plugins show up in the left pane of the Plugin Manager window. Clicking them, or highlighting them do not automatically select them in the right pane of the plugin manager, because they are not there. Not available at all. To that same effect, I can not add them to any channels either, as they do not show up in the list of available plugins, even when searched for by name.

Cubase will tell me that a VST effect has been added. And indeed, it gets added to the plugin manager. It is just not something I am able to use afterward because it can not be selected in the right pane where all the VSTs get sorted. Cubase will not auto highlight the effect in the right pane either, indicating further that it is not over there.

This is Windows 10, Cubase 9.5, 64bit and all SSD drives. I have some security toggles set on my windows, which I am curious are causing the problems. I have experimented with turning UAC off. On, and every which way. Install as Administrator, and regular. Install on my second drive, install on my C drive.

I am out of options, and unable to use a lot of effects I need to use.

Any thoughts?


Maybe the plug-ins are immediately blacklisted during the scan because they don’t meet the specification. Please check the blacklist.