Cubase 9.5 waveform volume NoobQuestion

Hi everybody,

I recently switched from logic to cubase and so far i really love it. I am using a focusrite 6i6 2nd edition scarlett as an audio interface. My question is the following: I am currently using focusrite input 1 (which has preamp) for a mic and preamp input 2 (which also has a preamp) for my guitar. I have connected my kronos keyboard with inputs 3 and 4 (which are line inputs with no gain or preamps). When i record audio with kronos in cubase i am peaking around -12 dbs with the kronos gain all the way up. Therefore i wanted to get a little bit more gain to make the signal from korg kronos hotter. I know i can use the pre-gain from the mixconsole for the kronos audio track, however i also realized that the volume/gain goes up when i pull up the track waveform at the main window. I cannot really understand the difference between those two in cubase? What is the difference between pulling up the waveform volume or using the pre-gain in mixconsole. Also will adding gain inside the daw will affect a digital signal from a keyboard like kronos?Would you guys suggest to use external preamplification to make the keyboard/kronos signal hotter before recording in cubase. I am beginner so please cope with me!


Hi and welcome,

Just make sure, you are not using Waveform Zoom on the right-top corner of the Project area. If you use the Volume of the Event (you can edit it also in the Inspector), you apply this on one dedicated event only. If you use the Pre-Gain plug-in, you apply it to the whole track.