Cubase 9.5 with Macbook pro 2018


Anyone facing issues with Cubase Pro 9.5.41 crashing on the new Macbook Pros? For me it crashes way too often, but sometimes becomes completely unresponsive, and only let’s me play and pause, and nothing else.

Hi and welcome.

Could you please attach the crash files to be able to check, where does it crash?


Looking at the crash files, I can see that it’s crashed about 28 times in the past in 2 weeks, which is when I had completely uninstalled and reinstalled the application.

Here’s a link to all the crash files for cubase:

I don’t know if these crash files include the times the software has become unresponsive, as it does not completely crash, but just nothing happens.


I resolved last 10 crashes. One of them is in Spectrasonics, the rest is in Cubase in various places - weird.

Could you please trigger First Aid from macOS Disk Utility? Could you start Cubase in Safe Start Mode or trash Cubase preferences, please?


I have done all of the above. An still experiencing crashes. Funny enough, just had another one while trying the change the location for the audio mixdown renders.


Is there any solution to these issues, it’s becoming almost impossible to use now :frowning:

I have had about 10 crashes in the past hour.


Have you tried the First Aid thing? Or even other macOS clean-up?

Yes, I did a complete reinstall of the OS last night. Although, it’s a bit more stable, It still crashes. Mostly when adding tracks- any kind, group, FX, tempo etc.

Additionally, every time I close a project without quitting the application, and then go to the new project window, Cubase crashes every single time. Here’s the crash report for the same


Sorry, this is not a *.crash file, so I cannot resolve it.


Sorry, posted the wrong file. I’ve posted the correct files now.


The crashes are again in other areas. I just attached them to the Steinberg report, which is already open (CAN-19485).


The crashes still continue, is there a solution to these problems?



There was no Cubase update where the crashes could be resolved yet.

I wonder the Cubase Safe Start Mode doesn’t work. Unfortunately I have no more idea.

Hi there,

Have you made any progress troubleshooting this problem? I have the exact same compatibility issues with my 2018 macbook pro running High Sierra. After a few minutes of running, when I try to open an audio or midi track, the software crashes. I had had the same issues with ableton 10, but a fresh reinstall of my OS seems to have resolved the issue.

FYI: I have just reinstalled my entire OS from scratch including all VSTs and software, downgraded from cubase 10 pro to 9.5, but none of these actions have resolved anything. I find it’s pretty sad investing so much money in acquiring top of the range technology for music productions and finding yourself worst off than ever before.

I look forward to your reply!



Have you tried to open the project after fresh install of OS and only Cubase? Without plug-ins, without any other software? Have you tried to run macOS Disk Utility > First Aid?

It’s working much better now. Few things that helped fix some problems were:

  1. Installed Mojave, it’s better suited to work on the new macbook pro models, just has more stable bridgeOS code, and is muuch more stable, I did a clean install.
    2.Use a dedicated port for your interface instead of a dock, cubase doesnt seem to like pressure on the audio drivers, most of my crashing issues were solved as soon as I moved my interface to a dedicated port on the computer.
  2. Increase the buffer size in the control pannel. Unless I am recording midi or want a live instrument vst, I run my software on the max buffer size, reduces ethe oressure in the cpu overall.

Hope these help.

Hi @Jappreet

There were problems with Waves Plugins loading and closing projects which could lead to such crashes.

Try this, please:

  • update the Waves Plugins (at least Waves V9r29 installer - August 13th, 2015)
  • remove /Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/*/WavesReWireDevice.bundle (that fixed the problem in the mentioned bug report)

Let me know, please.


Hi @Martin

it’s working well for now, the CPU levels are holding quite steady even at a small buffer size. The one thing that is still quite buggy is opening a project without quitting cubase, about 7 times out of 10, cubase crashes and the application has to be restarted.


Could you attach a new crash dump file(s), please?

Hi Martin,

Thank You for taking the time to look into these issues and helping make cubase a very nice experience. Here’s the new crash dump files