Cubase 9.5 won't open

I recently downloaded Cubase 9.5 because Cubase 9 would no longer open. Cubase 9.5 also will not open. It just says Cubase quit unexpectedly and then gives me a Problem Report. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have a MacBook Pro Retina (Early 2013) and it worked fine and then just stopped opening. I thought it may have been a plug-in related issue after some reading, but I’m not so sure. I also have Komplete 11 if that helps.

Hi and welcome,

Please share the source *.crash file to be able to resolve it.

But if even Cubase 9 won’t open, I would say it’s more on the system level, what have changed. Could you try to trigger First Aid from the macOS Disk Utility, please?