Cubase 9.5.XX Updates download location?

Hi there.

I’m wondering if anyone knows where the download location of Cubase 9.5 updates will be, or whether they’re going to be done via the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Cubase 9.0.XX updates are available from:

I searched for Cubase 9.5.XX updates and got to:

This page mentions that the Installation is available from the Download Assistant, but doesn’t specify whether updates will be provided through the website or application.


The updates will be available through both the site and the download assistant, like Dorico, Halion 6, and Halion Sonic 3.

Ah that’s great! Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

It would be great if they were available via the Application, but considering the eLc does not yet do this, it is difficult to imagine.