Cubase 9,5

I Know this is a Cubase 9 forum, but I did not find any Cubase 9,5 forums, so I hope it´s ok to post such quesiton here.

I recently boutht and installed Cubase 9,5, but it does not work for me very well. FIrst, It doesn´t seem to remember default folders (I´m not using the standard one) from each time I close and reopen Cubase. Secondly, I cannot find my VST-instruments (such as Toontrack Superior drummer etc.) and when I search for them in Plugin manager, Cubase gets frozen, and reports back that some VST effects linked to UR44 (which I´m using) is not compatible etc. I cannot turn that warning of, and hence the system is frozen.

Any other users who had the same issues? Any hints on how to go about above issues?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Send it back, you’re being unwillingly used as paying beta tester … ask for a refund !