Cubase 9.50 demo..

Does this trial include the .10 update?


If I’m right, you will be asked, if you want to download the latest update while installing.

If not, you can just download the update manually and install it. The Cubase 9.5 Trial license is Cubase 9.5.x license.

Hi and welcome,

It depends if you have money for Cubase Pro already, or if it’s better a longer time for you. And it also depends, what features do you want to use.

Which version are you trialling?

If you’re currently running a trial of Artist or Pro you might find stepping down to Elements to be a problem (but there’s nothing to stop you from running a trial of Elements first to check?). If you’re running a trial of Elements and are generally satisfied then I’d suggest starting off with that.

It very much depends on what you want to accomplish. I have both Pro and Elements and happily use Elements on my LapTop for most basic composition and recording but would miss Pro in the Studio…

No I have Cubase 9 Pro if I’m wanted to just pay for the upgrade with the demo can I do that instead of just using the upgrade can I install the fresh version and then converted into the full copy


The installation and the license is independent. Yes, you can upgrade your Cubase 9 license to Cubase 9.5 license. Then you can install fresh Cubase 9.5.