cubase 9, 9.5 licence transfer

hello everyone< im trying to find out the right way to transfer my usb e licencer to an entirely different owner, should I give them the dongle with my user name and password and let them take it from there? or do I have to do more ahead of time ? I have Cubase 9,9.5 academic, and win 10 when checking the support page its not really being specific, and stating that it would still be in my computer if I would do it he way I had mentioned above, any advice would be great, thanks !

Log in to your MySteinberg account:

Click on the eLicensers tab.

Find your eLicenser on the list and click the down arrow on the right.

Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on the x delete registration link.

Send the now unregistered dongle to the reipient. They can now register the dongle to their own Steinberg account.

Thank you for making it clearer appreciate it. :+1:

Educational versions are personalized not for resale.

im not selling it im giving it to a friend< thanks

I would think giving it away is pretty much the same as selling it as far as the license agreement goes, just no money involved. I may be wrong but I may be right.