Cubase 9 activation problem

I previously had 1 usb elicenser which had cubase 8.5 licensed and activated. Theb I lost it and asked Steinberg to deactivate that and activate a new one. With the new one, I licensed and activated Cubase 9.

Now, I happen to find a lost elocenser dongle and lost a new elicenser dongle…
On a new computer that I just bought today, I tried to put in the 8.5 to 9 upgrade code in the ‘the elicenser software, but I’m getting the message “at least one of the elicensers used during this process was disabled and cannot be used for any license transactions”

So, what should I do?..


Get in touch with official Steinberg support, please. If they receive an information about the lost USB-eLicenser, they block the license. Therefore you cannot use it anymore.