Cubase 9 activation

Hello! im having a problem to install and activate Cubase 9 pro, hope that you can help me.
yesterday i bought Cubase 9 pro( inside the box there’s only usb dongle.)
i followed the instructions on the piece of paper that says “ESSENTIAL PRODUCT LICENSE INFORMATION”
but instead of Cubase 9 all i can get inside the “Elicenser control center” is Cubase LE 7.
i searched all over the internet, and couldn’t find any answer’s.

Im sorry for my poor english, ill very appreciate any help.

Thank you,

Hi and welcome,

If you bought the full retail version, the license should be stored on the USB-eLicenser already. You shoul be able just to plug it in, and start.

Is there really Cubase LE 7 on the USB-eLicenser? Isn’t it on your Soft-eLicenser?

Can you send a screenshot from your eLCC, please? Please, blure the USB-eLicenser and Soft-eLicenser numbers on the screenshot.

Thank you for the reply!

Did you buy from a legitimate retailer?

That’s definitely wrong…

hey thank you, problem solved. i think the problem was non up to date version of the eliecenser, the update released just today. dont know but anyway, now cubase 9 is downloading