Cubase 9 AI and VST recording

Hello, I am struggling with recording a VST sound into an audio track within Cubase 9 AI, and I do not want to use exporting an audio mixdown. Is there any simple way, please?
Thanks, Petr

Hi and welcome,

Most often, there is no need to export Audio, in case you want to mix it. Some of few use case, when it makes sense is if you want to hand over the mixing to someone else.

Render is a way, how to do it easier (but I’m not sure if it’s part of Cubase AI).

Thanks, Martin. Rendering is implemented to Cubase AI, however, the files are saved in the project folder. I am wondering if I can create an audio track from a virtual instrument within the project window or even mix all audio signals into one track ibid.

You can use Export Audio Mixdown and in the window set it so that the export file will be imported back to the project.

Great, and what about recording the VST audio (perhaps with all other signals) directly to the audio track? Exporting audio is an additional step. In other words, I am asking whether there is a direct (simultaneous) connection of a virtual instrument sound and an audio track being recorded? Thanks!

What is your use case?

Only that such a connection in the virtual world should be very simple, yet it seems not be implemented. I simply expected to find it intuitively and was surprised by its absence.

In Cubase Pro, you can route an output bus to an Input Channel.

But I still don’t know, why do you want to record, and not export. What is the benefit?