Cubase 9 and Ableton Link

Please note, I started with Cubase 7 and have purchased and installed every update since. I also own Logic X and Ableton Suite 9.7.2 as well as Machine 2.5.6. which now includes Ableton’s Link.

Ableton’s open source Link really needs to be implemented in Cubase 9. And here’s what would really make Cubase 9 essential: if Cubase was not only Link enabled BUT could record everything that was playing on my computer. There’s an inexpensive program Wiretap Pro that dos this but if Cubase could incorporate this technology into itself - that would be innovation. That would attract new users. That would be exciting. Why not take advantage of the fact that so many of us use multiple programs?
Ableton does things that Cubase never will, but Cubase sounds so much better. And I like Cubase so much more than Logic. So don’t make users choose between programs; allow us to use them all - Steinberg can only benefit from this.

I agree. Seratto Dj, Propellorheads Reason, & Native Instruments Maschine have it. Why shouldn’t Steinberg’s Cubase? I will wait for this to be implimented before updating to Pro 9.

+1 to Link demand


This should be in the feature request forum… but yeah a big +1 from me too.



It is kinda ridiculous that Cubase 9.5 is missing Ableton Link. MTC, MMC and MIDI Clock sucks and it is my death to sync my MPC X with Cubase 9.5 via these old protocols. MPC X naturally knows Ableton Link and it is strongly recommended for Steinberg to implement this feature ASAP. Dear Steinberg support, please let us know about this! When are you planning to keep up with the sound of times…? :slight_smile:

I can only second that. Needs to come asap.