Cubase 9 and Apogee symphony Physical I/O


Thinking to upgrade my ancient Cubase 4 to 9.

I regularly use Pro tools 12, and I have previous Apogee Symphony Interface (not the MKII). Currently I have 32 analog I/O with one interface using Pro Tools.

My question is:

How many physical I/O I’ll have if I run Cubase 9 on the same interface?



I use an Apogee Symphony MK1 with cubase.

It depends on what module you are using with the Symphony. I have a 16x16 analog module and I get exactly 16ins & 16outs. I use Pro Tools HD, Cubase, Logic Pro X and I have the same physical I/O for all.

Maybe try the Trial of Cubase 9(when available) prior to upgrading.


I have two 16x16 modules. Not sure they are going to be seen in Cubase via USB. Also, not sure what is the current situation on Cubase with Pro Tools HDX hardware.


I actually use the Apogee 64 card and have nevered used usb mode with my Symphony. My understanding is that the Symphony I/O is limited to 16 channels in Usb mode, so most likely Cubase(or other DAWs) will only be able to see those 16 channels only.

With the Symphony 64 Pcie card you would be able to run up to 64 channels in any DAW that supports that amount.
Like I mentioned before, I can use Cubase, Logic , PT HD 12 all with this card.

I believe you can use Pro Tools HDX with Cubase but you wont be able to use the dedicated HDX DSP within Cubase. I’m sure you can find more on this by searching google or better yet, gearslutz.

Your best bet would be to try out a Trial of Cubase and test out with your current setup to see how things work for you.

its working fine, but don’t expect the same low latency like with logic or protools.
my protools 12.6 runs circles around cubase performance and Asio.

Thank You Guys!