Cubase 9 and Cubase 9.5 together PLUGIN Problem

Hello :slight_smile: So i have Cubase 9 and Cubase 9.5 installed on my system because some older projects are using 32 bit plugs.

The problem is that Cubase 9.5 doesnt see all of my 64 bit plugins!
all of the plugin alliance plugins dont show up! i went to my plugin alliance accound re downloaded the instellers and reinstalled but nada! i rescanned my plugin folder, and nada! it doesnt even show up on the blacklist section! when Cubase started up it saw the plugin alliace stuff but when it opens nothing.
It also doesnt see my Dadalife plugins or soundtoys plugins! However my Cubase 9 sees them all! is there something i can do to get all my plugins to work on Cubase 9.5?
Thanks in advance!

Just also reinstalled my soundtoys bundle and it scans it at startup but when i load a project nothing. It’s not even under blacklisted.
So weird and annoying :frowning:

Well i figured it out on my own after spending 3 hours trying and surfing the net! nothing on the net helped. It’s pretty complicated so ill do a short video how i did it and will post it cheers

Same problem here with soundtoys 5 on Mac, El Capitan, Cubase 9.5
Wish I could see that short video… :wink:
Someone else with a solution?
Thanks in advance!