Cubase 9 and Graphic Crash?

Hi, I’m going mad over CB9/win 10 regularly freezes, some plug-in gives error messages
and seem to be more affected than others, built a new daw i7 6-core 6850 / Asus deluxe 2 / Nvidia 1060 3G. Initially, everything worked when I ran the samples through a slave Pc.

Then I brought over some samples of to the main daw, installed kontact 5.6.6 for this change, and now its so unstable and don’t know where to look for the error part, it may be the graphics card…or kontakt, Vep 6.
When open some plugs for editing I be sure Cb9 will freeze after a while…

Have only installed the graphics driver not all other software that comes with Nividia.
I use Vep 6 over network.
I have the latest software installed or should I ?

The problem for me is that everything worked so well before I did the change. :open_mouth:
Any thoughts?