Cubase 9 and Neutron 2 problem

Hi folks,

just tried to add Neutron 2 on all of my 50 tracks in Cubase 9.
I recognized that it takes ages to load and finally it hits my 16 GB limit on my laptop :confused:

Does anyone have the same issues, or do I miss something?

Thx in advance!

I don’t think it’s just neutron. I’ve tried loading FabFilter Pro eq2 onto all my tracks and Cubase hangs

It works with 64 Neutron 1 instances and also with Ozone 7.
I have also tried 64 instances of Fabfilter Saturn, Pro-Q 2, Pro-c 2, Slate Tape and Waves NLS without a problem.
But Neutron 2 and Ozone 8 are using so much memory that it hits the limit :confused:

In Reaper I can add 64 bypassed Neutron 2 instances and enable them on demand.
Cubase can’t even load them if they are bypassed :confused:

Neutron 2 isn’t a light plugin… It’s surprising that it works that well on Reaper.

That’s what I would think as well. But then again, when I’ve tried Reaper at various times over the past couple of years, the amount of active plugins/VSTi’s that it could load was literally gigantic compared to Cubase.

Just want to report back, that the Neutron 2.01 update fixes my issues.