Cubase 9 and Video Slave 3

I apologize in advance for what may be an idiotic question, I just cant seem to find an answer anywhere.
I’m using Cubase 9 with Video Slave 3.3.
My problem is with general setup and I know I’m doing something obviously wrong somewhere.
Cubase is generating TC and VS is receiving it and moving the picture.
The video starts @00595000 and my bar one should be @01000113.
In the project setup window I have tried various session start times both before, after and at the actual video start. I have an 8 bar offset set in the project window as well.
Frame rates are in agreement.
I have tried putting the cursor in bar one and using “set timecode at cursor”, told it what I wanted it to be, using both options of leaving the project at it’s current position or not. Nothing I seem to do can get everything where I’d like it to be.
Please help!!!

Thanks everyone in advance.

I solved the problem. The issue was that the video I was using didn’t have the TC embedded and only had a window burn. I as able to adjust for that by changing the “current frame” in the TC dialog box in video slave.