Cubase 9 and vst 2 FX (64 bit plug-ins)

Hi. I am using the latest version of Cubase 9 and all my Native Instrument reaktor / absynth / FM8 FX plug-ins are in the blacklisted list. They are ALL 64 bit (VST 2 type plug-ins). When I try to reactivate them, Cubase will not let me do this - saying ‘reactivating the plug-in failed’. Does anyone experience this and are there any solutions to this?



Things to try might be:

  • ensure your win7 installation is up to date (Service Pack 1)
  • install the most recent Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime version
  • update all the plug-in to the latest versions

Are they called 64 bit in the blacklist? Just to be sure?

Thanks for the replies. I can confirm that my system is up to date, as you suggested Stingray . Also in the sentinel blacklist the plugins are listed as (64bit). I’ve checked them out in the folder which they are in and they are definitely 64 bit.
What is strange is that my other Native Instrument FXs such as Replika, Supercharge, Driver, and various reverbs and compressors all appear in the operating VST FX list and work perfectly well. It seems to be an issue with Reaktor FX and Absynth, FM8 and Massive.

Any more thoughts?


Do they open standalone?

I can also confirm that ALL the plugins work perfectly with Cubase 8.5. I’m at a loss to explain why some Native Instrument FXs work but others don’t.


Hi vinark. Yes they do open in standalone mode.


Do you also have the 32 bit versions of the plugins? I think some have reported issues when both the 32 and 64 bit versions are present.

I had to get rid of all NI plugins (taking minutes to close) and went with a VST 3 plugin (sampletank) instead.

It’s changed everything but for efficiency sake it needed to be done as I’m on an older CPU and chipset.

Thankfully none of my UAD stuff has issues but I haven’t yet tested Duende native.

Toontrak no problems either, it was just the NI.

I really don’t understand why after all this time people like NI have not yet made VST3 versions of their plugins.

A side by side comparison using the same plugin from a manufacturer yields a performance boost in terms of how it actually functions within the program, UI etc so people should lobby their respective manufacturers.