Cubase 9 Artist jump PC to Macbook pro help mac users

Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum but I have been using Cubase since Cubase 5 was released and I now have Cubase 9 artist on my tower pc. First of all I’d like to say that I have been searching for a similar topic but with no success…or maybe I haven’t used the right key words??

I am about to buy my very Mac machine, a Macbook Pro as I need portability. I just want to know if some of you guys has the same machine with the following specs and if you think it is suitable for what I do. I make demos at home and use the following plug ins generally:

-Addictive drums 2
-Amplitube 4
-Waves plug ins

Do you think I will be ok with this:

MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2012 runnin High Sierra 10.13.6
Intel 2.9GHz Core i7
1TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD

I am new to the Mac world, any suggestion or shared experience will help.


Hi and welcome,

All of those plug-ins are pretty CPU hungry. But I’m sure this configuration will handle it with no problem. Of course, it depends on the project size. Do you use around 30 channels or 1000?

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