Cubase 9 Audio tracks aren't working, and now nothing is.

The biggest on and off problem I have with Cubase is always about the tracks. While I didn’t have this problem for the first year I had Cubase, it has suddenly come up and become a big problem to my work flow. Sometimes there is no audio output and sometimes it’s just the tracks. I’ve looked online and through this form a lot. The closest answer I’ve been able to find is that my sound card is to weak for Cubase. However this problem started around when I got a real sound card instead of using my Macbook’s built-in one. My Macbook’s sound card has been consistently working up until now, I pretty sure I accidentally changed the settings but I don’t know what to fix.

I do understand that Cubase prioritises other program’s sound, that’s not the problem. I’m looking for a solution that isn’t waiting or closing and reopening.

Thank you.

Although I can tell by the lack of replies that nobody cares about this post, I thought I’d submit my findings anyways. I was just a simple problem which was: I was running Cubase Pro 9 on OS Mojave. Rookie mistake :laughing: . To anyone who is having the same problem or something similar, don’t over think it, the problem might be simpler than you think.

And lastly, don’t post your problems to the Issues form, post it to the General form.