Cubase 9 Bug Identification Thread

Notice some irregular behavior? Post it here and see if others can reproduce it. Let’s see if we can get some of these quirks and bugs spotted sooner rather than later and help Steinberg make Cubase even better, more quickly.

To start the party, it seems that Clear Sends doesn’t work from the LZ Mix Console. Nothing happens when I click it.

Looks like there is an odd trend of adding the redundant “thread” word to the subject of, well, obviously thread.

Wouldn’t it be better to choose a more informative subject (like “Cubase 9 bugs” in this case)?

And actually, it’s an established good practice in bug tracking (as well as in asking any questions) to post each bug/question as a separate ticket or forum thread.

Ummm, there is an entire sub-forum dedicated to this (actually with several variants). That’s the place to post stuff like this, not here.

Use this instead:

Indeed. However I wonder if the intent was to start a thread where people can chime in with the bugs in 8.5 that did not appear to get fixed in 9. That I am curious about (and discovering them as I get further into C9 myself).

Whichever forum they go into, I think it’s a good idea - discuss and find good repros and workarounds, then post clean reports to Issues. Clean bug reports get faster responses from a dev team that always seems to have lots and lots of stuff on it’s plate.

Personally I wish they would do away with the Misc forum, I can’t see what purpose it serves. The posts in there are wrongly formatted bug reports moved from Bug Reports, or random posts from users who tried to find the right place to post, and ended up in the miscellaneous aisle.

phpBB is not really a good tool for tracking bugs and reports, so we’re just monkey-wrenching it in, so to speak.


One thread to serve many bugs will not be a good thing! One topic per thread please, otherwise it will become a huge endless devolving thread. (as pointed out above)

Sounds like a feature request is due for a better forum system… :smiley:

I know of other sites that integrate bug tracking and feature request voting systems in their forums. Could go a long way here.

I would not raise my expectations on that based on past experience.

Perhaps. But those seem like legitimate fodder for the issues forums too. An old bug is still a bug. They’re more likely to get SB’s attention if they are in the right forum.

Wow! You 2 type really fast.

The Misc forum is not the right forum. General is the forum that should be used for the purpose we’re talking about.

An efficient way to read the forum is to use the Unread Posts search. It doesn’t matter which forum anything is in for those who use it. But anyway, the way to get the devs attention is to file a bug report. Period.

Now I’m curious, do the developers glance over the feature request sub-forum at all? I’m hopeful they will as I try to make my requests just as clean as my bug reports.

Steinberg could create a dummy project on GitHub and use its built-in “Issues” functionality for tracking bugs.

Guys, as a non-technical kind of guy who wants all bugs fixed asap (just like you do) - please heed SIC’s helpful hint and don’t post your bugs in this thread - use the dedicated bug threads instead.

Thank you, and respectfully!

Lol I’ll check with you next time I need to brush up on forum etiquette