Cubase 9 by FTP ?

Hello guys
Maybe you can help me.
I made update my Cubase 7.5 for Cubase Pro 9 today
All day tried and fight download but still have problem, my internet Lan or 4G after few gigabytes download lost connection and again from begining…
Maybe you know is it possible download Cubase Pro 9 by FTP from Steinberg page ?
I will be thankful.

Go to your MySteinberg and check the downloads tab. You can download the full Cubase Pro 9 installer from there.

You can use a download manager such as this one to resume downloads if your internet connection goes down:

Thanks I will try by Download manager.
Yeah I know this download tab but it is downloading by browser. And its not work for me.
I wanted try by FTP example by TC becuase if lost connection not need download againg from begining.
That why I asked for FTP.