Cubase 9 can't record mic in stereo

Hey everyone

I hope you can help

I’m having trouble figuring out how to record my mic in stereo rather than audio.

I have cubase 9, I’m on windows 10, and I have the mic connected to a steinberg ur22 USB driver.

Any help will much appreciated


The short answer…
A mic is a mono source. It is recorded from a mono bus to an audio track. The audio track can be either mono or stereo but the actual recorded file will be mono on either type of audio track. You can send the audio track to a stereo FX track and work from that or you can render or mixdown your mono recording as a stereo recording through the main stereo out channel and import that file back into the project.

Since you did not explain why you want a real stereo audio recording from your mic, I can’t advise much more at this time. But, my guess is that you probably do not need a stereo recording from your mic at all because that mono track will most likely be played back through the main stereo out channel. You can add the VST effects and pan it as necessary to make that mono recording sound pretty much (exactly if done correctly) like a stereo recording.

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Unless it is a stereo microphone.

Yea ok, so if we sum this up: The signal is in mono, people usally record more takes in the chorus and pan them to get that wide nice sound.
Anything more we need to say about it? :slight_smile:

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In answer to the OP. I always use a mono track for a mono source (one mic vocal recording for example) use mono effects in the inserts (gates, compressors, EQ, etc) for stereo effects reverbs, delays, etc, I use a stereo FX channel and send to that. If you need a stereo insert, send the signal to a stereo group.