Cubase 9 changing pitch of recorded song

I’ve recorded a few songs lately and when I opened the project today I noticed Cubase is playing back some of them in a different pitch (almost half-step higher than I recorded). All songs were recorded on the same day, but for some reason two of them are playing back wrongly, and both a half-step higher.

The sample rate of my audio device (Apogee Quartet) has always been 48 kHz, just like my session on Cubase during the recording, so I believe the issue is not sample rate-related. My audio pool shows all files as 48 kHz.

The issue with the first song forced me to re-record it entirely. Now I just opened another track and the same thing happened. This track’s session shows 48kHz and my Apogee also shows 48, so I have no idea why this is happening.

I don’t want to re-record another song entirely again. It’s becoming a nightmare. Any suggestions, please??

Windows 10 / 32GB / Cubase 9 PRO (9.0.40) / Apogee Quartet

The almost “half-step higher” is usually an indicator that it is a mismatch of sample rate. If that is what happens the audio should also play back slightly faster than originally recorded. You could check that.

Thanks for the input. It was playing back perfectly in sync with the click.
I opened a 44.100 session on Pro Tools and imported one of the 48kHz guitar files from the project’s folder into the session without converting it. I got the right pitch but in a slower tempo.

It does sound like a sample rate issue, but I have no clue about where it happened during the process. As I said, my session on Cubase shows 48 as well as my audio device and the recorded files both in the audio pool from Cubase and in the project’s folder.

Anyway, I decided to re-record the whole thing. Thanks for your help.

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