Cubase 9 Chord Track MIDI Coloring??

For first, english is not my mother language so please be lenient.
I just got Cubase 9 Elements as a Christmas present and it looks awesome. :slight_smile: But one think I dont understand.
I wanted to make some simple melody in Key editor. So I make new chord track and write down some chords. Later I moved this chords into Instrument track and select Chord Track for coloring.
When I want to use chord track, it shows only blue and red color. Tones in scale but not in chord are colored red, its so confusing.
Why it not show colors for scale too? (light blue and green) What is the problem? What i have to do to see all four colors (scale + chords)?
Tone “F” is in “C major” scale, so why is red, not light blue? I already tied everything. → screenshot

In Cubase 8 it works fine and immediately. But I dont have a license for Cubase 8 and I dont want to buy, when I already have 9.
My friend have Cubase 8 Element and there it works well. Am so confused. MANY THANKS for your advice!!! :slight_smile:

thank you for no reply :wink: :wink: :wink: awesome

This is known and reported

Your Cubase 9 license allows you run any earlier version of Cubase. So you could download Cubase 8, or borrow your friends distribution and install it on your system. You can even run them both at the same time. You can also take a project created in C9 and open it in C8, and the other way around.

I’d be very surprised if this isn’t fixed in the next update.

He’s only got elements though…

Really? I never knew Elements had restrictions on older version use. :blush:

My mistake- I neglected to read the last line of the OP. :astonished: :blush: So Andy2555- what raino said! :wink: