Cubase 9 crashes all the time

Why does Cubase 9 crash all the time? I am running a brand new Mac Mini, UAD plugs and Waves gold. Using ElCapitan.
When I want to have a good workflow I open the best version ever : Cubase 6.5. I have had problems since the 7-version. On different Mac’s and OS’s. Was really hoping Cubase 9 could get everything togehter, so we could work fast again…


Hard to guess without more information. First of all, make sure, your UAD and Waves plug-ins are up-to-date.

Send me some of your crashlogs via PM, please.

Also, sometimes software failures are due to hardware problems. Even though its a new machine, sometimes hardware gets jacked up. Though if 6.5 runs well and 9 doesn’t it seems unlikely.

Have you run Apple Diagnostics?
It costs nothing :slight_smile:

It might also be worth your time to run a clean install withOUT any third-party plugins- see if you can isolate a problem.
And It certainly could be that the different versions are in some sort of internal conflict. Can you run a clean install of 9 on a clean install of ElCap?

If you are looking for reassurance- My copy of 9 never crashes. Never even a hiccup.

Are you running 32-bit plugins? C9 isn’t happy with those.

You could try to run in “Cubase Safe Mode” to see if maybe there are some Preference File settings that are causing problems (“Cubase Safe Mode” temporarily runs the Preferences in a “factory reset” sort of fashion).

Cubase 9 doesn’t support 32-bit plug-ins at all. You cannot run them.