Cubase 9 crashes upon startup

Hi all,

Can anyone help me understand why Cubase 9 is crashing upon startup? I recently updated Native Instruments Battery 4 to the latest version. When I go to open Battery 4 in standalone mode, it doesn’t open and I have to force quit. Then when I try to open Cubase, it crashes.

I then reverted back to the previous version of Battery 4. Battery now opens fine, but Cubase still crashes. Then, I tried removing the Battery 4.vst from the Plugins folder in my Library folder, but Cubase still crashes. Not even sure Battery 4 is the problem anymore. Crash thread below. Cheers.


The crash is in Cubase. I reported it to the internal bug-tracking system.

Maybe I would recommend to uninstall and reinstall NI Battery. Just to make sure the installation is not corrupted.

Hi and thanks for your reply. I have since discovered it was Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol that was the problem. I removed the VST and it now opens. I am in talks with NI about this. Thanks again.

Greetings - same issue here - any word from NI yet?


Still waiting.

same here - Cubase crashing on loading a song with Battery 4 - any news?

Please navigate to :
Mac HD > Users > Username > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Battery 4
Delete the files : db3logger.log / db3tracer.log / komplete.db3

Updated to Cubase 9.5 - still unhappy with Komplete Kontrol . . . ilmolto, did you ever get your issue resolved?

I did actually. I can forward you the email thread if you like. There’s quite a bit on there. PM me your email and I can forward.


I have that exact same issue with komplete kontrol, but can’t pm you since I’ve got a brand new account.

Any fixes you can post here?

Or can you pm me?



Can you share it to all, please? Probably better then PM one by one. Thanks.

Here’s the saved email:

The saved email has a header but no body text when I open it. Can you check to see it’s ok? Thanks. BTW My Cubase 9.5 crashes when I try to load Komplete Kontrol as an instrument track…

There’s definitely body text in there. What app are you trying to open it with?

Sorry, I’m not in the office, so I couldn’t resolve it so far. Hopefully tomorrow.


By any chance, do you have NVIDIA graphic card or graphic chipset?

If yes, search the forum for a solution. You have to up- or down-grade your driver.