Cubase 9 crashes when exiting - all occasions

I just upgraded from 8.5.

My system: W10, ASUS ZenBook i7 8G RAM, 256 SSD lots of free space

8.5 works perfectly

  1. Installed the C9 upgrade
  2. Registered the activation code via eLicenser, now it displays the licence C9 full licence
  3. Started C9 (administrator mode, as always)
  4. C9 loads.
  5. I say register later when asked
  6. No matter whatever I do, when I exit (tried it via the right hand X and File/Quit also, it crashes with a standard Windows error message saying “CUBASE 9 HAS STOPPED WORKING” and then freezes.
  7. Next time I try to open C9, it of course forgets the plugins and preferences and also forgets if I want to register or not. Back to square one.

I tried this several times.

I re-checked 8.5. It still works. Thank god!

Same problem

Update: after saving a new project, the crashes have gone.

I too have the same issue. Every time i exit or quit C9 Pro I get the same error.

Different PC
Windows 10 64 bit pro
Intel i7-6800K
c Drive 1TB SSD with 523GB Free

try removing all your 3rd party plugins. Launch Cubase, Open and close project. If issue resolved, repeat the cycle, adding plugins back, one at a time, until you find the one associated with this crash? worked for me.

I have the same problem with C9.
it’s probably caused by Spectrasonics Trillian (in my situation). I have replaced a track that uses Trillian with the same patch in Omnisphere - and BOOM - it doesn’t crash anymore.

Try it.