Cubase 9 crashing on opening

Hi hope you’re good.

I’ve got a project I’m working on that has now started crashing Cubase on opening. It gets as far as initializing studio manager then hangs, I have to end non responding program in task manager.

I have reset the preferences folder as suggested in this article.
It seemed to get further this time once it has scanned all the plugins again, and went to the project manger window, however the same thing has happened.

Any help much appreciated.


Could you attach the crash dump file located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder, please?

same … up

last crash dump (i have 76. 40 for the last month)


This is Nuendo 10.1 aplication, so a bit off topic.

Does it crash while start Nuendo or while opening project?

ho sorry ! i just search for that problem didn’t look it was in cubase 9

Does it crash while start Nuendo or while opening project?

The Nuendo crash occurs in the win32.u.dll, possibly caused by GPU tasks (but I see a few WOW tasks before the crash).

If this comes from the PC in your signature, I’m afraid you are running Windows 10 on unsupported hardware.

Win 10 CPU support starts with 3rd Gen Intel:
The latest driver for the HD 6800 series dates back to 2015:

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