Cubase 9 crashing

I’m experiencing shut down of Cubase 9 every 15-20 minutes or so…I get the message “Cubase has shut down and windows is looking for a solution” or something like that. I’ve tried different projects with both heavy load and smaller with allmost no tracks…

I’m using a Digigrid IOS, Asus laptop Intel 6700HQ 2,6ghz, 24 gb ram, Windows 10

I know it’s just been out for a day, but just wanted to give notice.

I am facing similar issue in mac pro. Yesterday it was crashing frequently after 3 or 4 minutes with only few teacks of halion5. Then i deleted cubase8.5 application and it did not happened. This morning again crashed twice while i working on groove agent4. I have reported to Steinberg on this forum with displayed error report.