Cubase 9 - ctrl+c and drag not copying midi notes. Also, ctrl+q not quantizing notes

The subject pretty much says it all. When I am in a track editor and I want to copy and drag a midi note to make a duplicate of it, it doesn’t work. I can ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy and paste at the transport marker, but dragging doesn’t work.

Also, I can’t manually quantize my events at all (keyboard or mouse click). Auto quantize doesn’t work either.

Hoping this is just a preferences thing, and I was hoping that a reset my do the trick, but that didn’t work either.

Please help, my workflow has gone to hell

Try highlighting the notes you want to copy, while in edit mode, then ctrl-D to copy and paste selected notes…after you paste, the notes remain highlighted…just use your mouse and left click to drag the notes around where you want them

I’m dumb man, it’s alt+c not ctrl+c.