Cubase 9 - Customer feedback survey

So the difference is that there is simply stuff missing in the German forums.

Totally agree. I am sorry if my statement was misleading.

More inserts are still on the list. Although this request was not included in this release, it doesn’t mean that we are ignoring it.

I Have installed Cubase Pro last night, first impression is I like it and 8.5 is old history.
Thank you for a great update, yes I call it an update since I simply expected more from a new version.
I understand that it is more and more difficult to have new exciting innovative features but we are in the age of AI and quantum computers, I think Steinberg need to stay on top of the game.
I don’t mind the price I just expected more, much more.
So I hope we can get some extra features, “intelligent” one please in the next updates.

I don’t think that I can give you any answer that will please you. We have added some of the most frequently asked features in this community to Cubase 9. All with the best intentions, lots of conception and development efforts and months of alpha and beta testing. The Lower Zone mixer is an addition to the Full Screen MixConsole which is still available. The lower zone gives you direct access to the editors and the mixer for quick edits without new windows popping up. Give it a try. It really speeds up the workflow. Same with the Sampler Track. Give it a chance. It’s a straight forward stripped down version of the HALion engine with a focus on fast workflows. The time-stretching algo is the industry standard from zPlane. Maybe you should give it another try.

Please keep in mind that the first survey result was not intended as the 1:1 blueprint for Cubase 9 since we have many more feature requests from other stakeholders like related artists, producers or beta testers and other input sources like our R&D team, market research from marketing and sales, our product specialists, certified trainer, educational institutions and so on. Of course the development resources for every release are limited, so we have to prioritise the different requests in order to create a product that will please a plethora of different customers from all kind of genres, levels, budgets, cultures, musical educations, workflows and ages…

Last thing: We don’t ignore any requests. We know about bezier curves and additional inserts and they are still on our list. Cubase 9 also includes some useful smaller improvements, that were not big enough to make it in the top key feature list on the website like the rhythmic notation in the score editor, the stationary cursor mode or the new root key setting in the Micro Tuner. Please give Cubase 9 and the new survey a chance.

The Steinberg developer team is great and creative! And the wish list for new features from the product marketing team for every Cubase release is long and also creative. But unfortunately the resources for every release are limited and…well…limited.

Hi Matthias, I know you work in marketing, but for several years we have been wishing to be able to comunicate with the developers regarding the direction cubase is going.

I really think that you also know that this upgrade is dissapointing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cubase, but I wish you could concentrate on the things you do best, why waste your (in you words) limited resources on these things like cloud colaboration when you could be implementing revolutionary WORKFLOW features that are, I believe, most needed for the daily user.

Can I ask for a full list of what has been updated and added in this C9pro update ? As it is I feel the Cubase 9 pro update is very lightweight in what has been added for a full x.0 update.

I realize a lot of man hours and work will have gone into this from the designers but from my user view I feel pretty let down and £80 worse off.

I’m very sad to be forced to say that the Cubase 9 upgrade will, most likely, go down as the worst upgrade in history. Just look at this forum. It’s been only 28 hours since it was released, and the vast majority of responses are negative. I believe Cubase 9 has received more complaints in 1 day, than what is common in a month!

I won’t repeat mine here, but link to this thread:

Have you ever heard the expression; “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. It not good enough to claim that Steinberg have “added added some of the most frequently asked features”, when they are implemented in such a bad way that they are rendered useless! (Please refer to the link above.)

I just want to add. I’m sure that the Steinberg engineers have totally misunderstood what your users meant with “simple sampler”. I’m sure that most meant something like a HALion SE VSTi. What Steinberg has implemented is a useless toy that’s so simple that it doesn’t even have a place in Cubase Elements. It definitely don’t belong in an application named Cubase Pro!

Perhaps they are too great and creative for their own good! Does any of them have any experience in the world of audio recording, what so ever. I must ask the question, because I can’t see how anyone who has the least bit of knowledge how audio recording/mixing is done could let disasters like Sampler Tracks and MixConsole Undoes get past the alpha stage of development.

Furthermore, how can Steinberg release such a seriously bug-ridden feature as Plug-In Sentinel. We’ve already seen several complaints about perfectly OK plug ins (Including Stenberg’s own) get blacklisted! Hope that it’s possible to turn this feature off, before Cubase is launched, for the first time. Otherwise it will cause damage that can take hours upon hours to repair.

What’s worse. Steinberg knows about this!

Saying that Apple has fixed the problem in Sierra, is inconsequential. Steinberg claims El Capitan as the minimum system requirement. Is there anyone who agrees with Steinbergs claim that a bug that can wreck total havoc with your plug-in structures constitutes compatibility. The true minimum system requirement for Cubase 9 is Sierra! Will Steinberg compensate those users who get their plug-in structures wrecked? No, I didn’t think so.

I will upgrade, for the sole reason that it will be more expensive hold out for v9.5. If I will use it, is another question. That depends on how much damage Plug-In Sentinel does.

Will I give the new servey a chance. Will you really listen to your users this time. Not just what features we request, but also how we want them implemented. Or will you continue to be “creative” and render great ideas unusable?

This is not the first time Steinberg has done this. There are lots of great features in Cubase that are rendered useless (more or less) by poor* implementation.

  • I could use much stronger words, but I think I will be nice.

Matthias, I want you to understand that these criticisms are in no way directed at you personally. But I must point out that, judging by the amount of bad response that Cubase 9 has received, there is, most likely, no way Steinberg or it’s representatives are going to talk your way out of this one.

Stop coming up with excuses. The more you wriggle, the deeper in the mud your gonna get stuck. Acknowledge that you’ve dropped the ball, royally, this time and concentrate on fixing the DAW we all love (without excuses).

Cubase Pro 9, our most complete DAW ever. Period.

This is not how Cubase 9 is going to remembered. It should have read:

Cubase Pro 9, our worst upgrade disaster ever. Period.

Although I am not a big fan of this update, I think these two comments are too harsh and ad hominum. You simply don’t know what has gone on in the development team. Yes we expected more, but let’s be objective and respectful in our criticism please.

i agree with this i think they got bogged down with things like new os compatabilities and quicktime discontinuation and developing software on this scale is not easy

This. I just want to know about performance/asio guard enhancements. It’s what I’m basing my decision to upgrade on.Why is it so difficult to get any info on this? :unamused:

From past experience, a full list is while away. FYI I just loaded the same (heavyweight) project inot 8.5, then C9 and they weighed in the same cpu and ram wise.

Cubase 9 is so awesome in every aspect. The new Sampler Track* is almost the best sampler I ever needed, but only 2 things are missing for me to start using it fully:

1 -No portamento/glide for normal mode ( without audiowarp).

2- All the selected loop part to be loopable as a region so I can manually make granular synthesis.

Then I will be pretty pretty happy! Good job team Steinberg, so far I am more than pleased! :wink:

Got to love how many of the people who are complaining with huge disappointment are those who are yet to upgrade.

Yes there are a few things I don’t like but this is a much better Cubase than before, hands down, regardless to what little or lot they’ve added.

Also… I wish Steinberg would just come out and say it… You’re not going to get more inserts, not for a while (if ever, well one day possibly).

Thank you for the reply Matthias. I have indeed given all the new features a try - the ones in Elements anyway. I actually had quite high hopes for the Lower Zone and for the Sampler, which surprised me as I was pretty scathing about the idea for a sampler. But in both, I’m afraid the execution beat me down, for the reasons I went into.

The Lower Zone is just permanently frustrating on a laptop - simply not enough height - and redundant on multi-screens. It needs to be a tabbed zone that can sit as its own window, or docked wherever is convenient. I don’t think I’d ever have a use for a mixer where you can only ever see a third of the controls at any one time - it’s a fundamentally flawed idea to squish this at the bottom of the main window, where it doesn’t correlate to the material above it. An audio or key editor at least makes more logical sense, but there too it’s highly constrained by height.

The Sampler is very poor quality time-stretching ( why is a quality algorithm not used?) and currently lacks the finesse to integrate properly into a session. I disagree with the many posters who seem to want keyzones / multisamples - I get the idea that it’s supposed to be a simple scratch tool. But it’s neither simple enough, nor of adequate quality. Unlike the Lower Zone, its not the concept here, it’s the execution which is at fault.

This just leaves mixer undo and a narrower VST rack. Really? For .0 release? I’d dearly like to read a comprehensive list of other smaller improvements, but I haven’t found one. The two you mention I wasn’t aware of, perhaps there’s more that’s directly relevant to me about which I’m unaware. It’s the lack of performance and small improvements that I find most depressing really, as it was the core of what that thread was about. To pick one example - you introduced disabled tracks in v8, a really revolutionary feature for workflow. Yet there are still bugs in implementation in 9, with missing routings. Can’t we get THAT working right before embarking on half baked samplers? And surely it wouldn’t’ be too big a coding job to add a mode where just clicking on a disabled track enables it? That’s the kind of workflow refinement I was looking forward to, and seems entirely absent from 9.0.

Today I checked out Sonar for the first time in years, and found extraordinary numbers of practical improvements. Most of us here love Cubase, we don’t want to move. But it’s getting increasingly hard to be loyal.

After all the hoopla and fallout of the 8.5 release, it’s really rather upsetting to find we don’t seem to have move forward an inch. Dialogue between users on the forum and developers is shockingly poor - this isn’t true for other Sternberg products such as Cubasis. As a first step, I think Sternberg should appoint someone who works with the development team - or more than one person - to spend a good deal more time on the boards. Engage with your customers - with the greatest of respect, not just marketing, but the people who build the program. I think, fundamentally, this is where it’s most going wrong.

(as for the survey - I too gave it a chance. Two questions, and it said to me “thanks very much”, and that was that).

Like the majority of users, I am a little bit disappointed by this update that seems to be lightweight.

I had not updated for a long time, so yesterday I didn’t hesitate a second, thinking that given this long period of time (2 years since version 8.0) this update should certainly be a huge step forward. I expected some revolutionary new features.

Maybe there are way more features that we’re not aware of. Once we’ll have a complete list of all the new features and fixed bugs, we could probably gain a better appreciation of your work.

That been said, I’m always happy to pay Steinberg to support the development of this still great/best DAW.

So I got fed up trying to ascertain what performance improvements have been incorporated into this “new version”, and just bought & installed the thing. Initial impression? Meh. Yes - it’s smoother. The centred toolbar looks better. But performance wise, my experience is that, with Fxpansion & DMG plug-ins at least, the cpu load actually seems slightly higher, with (still) random spikes. And while the GUI has nicely rounded corners, locating the cursor the timeline is still a p.i.t.a., because half the time you end up enabling/disabling cycle mode instead. Those pop-ups for recording modes at the bottom are HUGE and ugly (what’s with Cubase and ugly pop-ups anyways?) Track versions still don’t include automation. The in-place console looks pretty, but is fiddly to use, and for some inexplicable reason, has no control room access (!?). Feels like Steinberg “phoned this one in”, frankly

I’m very happy to hear that. I have turned numerous people on to Cubase and
will gladly start doing so again when you add more inserts (hopefully 16 pre fader or unlimited).

One example: These days a poorly recorded vocal can be tweaked to sound very good,
but with 6 pre fader slots at least I’m not even half way there. I mix some projects that
have 50+tracks of porely recorded vocals so that makes for 50 fx tracks (auxes) if I want
each one to have the same processing.

Also when you do sound design having insert limitation feels like a road block every time. “Careful! Are you sure you want it to sound even better?”

I absolutely love it!
Best upgrade in many years !
So beneficial for me!
Composed 3 new ideas using the extremely easy to use sampler track in the last 5 hours !!
I have no problem loading sounds in multiple sampler tracks and triggering all at once from the same midi controller!
My upgrade has ALREADY paid for itself MANY times over in just 300 minutes!

And hell no, I don’t need another Halion…
What’s the point of an overly complicated sampler that takes time away from creative inspiration when
there’s plenty of those on the market already!??

Quick and easy gets the bills paid!