Cubase 9(DAW) as a master, 16 Tracks as slaves via Smpte

Ok I never usually jump on the forums , Heres my dilemma. Any help will be greatly appreciated…I have Cubase in as Master, and multiple Analog tape decks. I have just one selected right now, and have striped Channel 16 with SMPTE , from the “Tools” section, as an insert. I have selected to “activate from Transport” . I have brand new tape, All channels work flawlessly on the Fostex, It is an E 16. Channel 16 , on a brand new reel has been striped with the Smpte, generated via transport for the whole length of tape. I am using a Fostex 4030 Sync unit, contolled via a Fostex 4035. The machine and the Daw sync up perfectly, It stops, with the Daw, It goes again, when i press play via transport. Stays synced the entire time it on Play, all the way to the end of the tape…and here comes the problem…I hit fast forward, and it loses sync, and the reel to reel just will fast forward to the end of the tape, as well as also rewind. I went to preferences, and slowed the speed of the ff and RW, and still same problem. The daw will record, and the the analog reel to reel will record too, but the daw will not tell the Fostex(reel to reel ) to record also. I know it becomes MTC in the Daw, Is there some part of the setup i missed. I looked at “Project Synchro Setu” and it will not allow to me fill in any 'MTC slaves etc" I also in the outboard rack next to multiple 4030s have a motu midi Xpress, do I need to activate that and use that somehow to comuniocate with a 4030 via the sync port(SMPTE In and Out on the back of it) Im so close to having this, working, kind of at my wits end. Thanks in advance , anyone with any ideas and help…

It’s been a very long time since I have used analog tape. (Mid 90’s synced to an Atari running Cubase MIDI only… :open_mouth: )
If I’m not mistaken I had Cubase as a slave, and tape/sync unit as master.

Thats what i ended up doing. I finally just got it going, I used a Motu midi express , as machine control, tied to the 4030/4035 via the sync port , rca cabled with splitters to the 4030 Master /slave timecode in, and its tied now to 2 E 16s , as essentially the master, and Cubase pro 9 as the Slave. Works way better…Actually once i used Clockworks to modify the sempte in /out settings as well as the “Project Synchronization Setup” in transport control, it works excellent with very very little latency between the tape and Steinberg…Lol this was a grind, was a good few hours of trial and error in setup. If anyone else does this and needs settings , Ill be happy to email /post them. Thanks for your reply!! happy new year All!! :slight_smile:

Good job! This really took me back! I’m glad you got it worked out. I’d always use the Sequencer as the slave to any incoming SMPTE (LCT) from video or audio sources. I never had a set-up as advanced as yours, it sounds excellent.