Cubase 9 does not recognise theme change

So I am one of those users who preferred a basic theme to economics we on resources. When I tried to launch my sparkling new Cubase 9 pro, eager to experience value for recently los money, I get an error telling me Steinberg isn’t supporting basic or high contrast themes with this product and tells me to go into control panel and choose an aero theme.

So I did.

Cubase didn’t recognise the change and gave me the same message again.

I rebooted, still the same message.

Money gone… Can’t load chase 9!

I will next uninstall , or better still do a system restore and change my heme BEFORE installing Cubase 9.

Disappointed with this situation. Not good for people with impaired vision like me. If I had known this up front I would not have bought this.

If I struggle to see my screen because I can’t have a high contrast theme then this could be a deal breaker and I may have to request a refund. Unless… Steinberg very considerately included interface visual tweaking ability for blind bastards like me??? He he!
We will see.

Il keep you updated on my progress.

These upgrades are never plain sailing eh? I feel like a Steinberg bug researcher over here. Oh got me working for you AND I PAID YOU!

Crazy upside down MFO world.

Basil Simon. ‘CueBro-UK’

If you ever hear something about cubase for blind people ?
Please let me know,Im in the same boat as you
Greetings from Norway

For the record, the pre-Aero themes aren’t rendered on your GPU, therefore using the CPU resources you need for audio processing. Especially for a DAW the new fancy themes are actually more “economic”.

OK… So now I managedcto actually launch Cubase I am experiencing CPU spikes when running just 2 vst instruments. This level of power was not required by 7.5 so what just happened? Why is Cubase 9 pro such a hungry beast if as you claim it is more economical? The only thing different is Cubase?

If there are any recommendations for maximising CPU performance with 9pro I’d be very happy to try it.

Loving lots about this release but seriously resent having to be a Beta tester after paying. Judging by the substantial amount of issues being experienced by cue bro’s who upgraded to 9 I can at least determine that Steinberg are without doubt guilty of a very sloppy release version. The tag line ‘the best DAW ever! Period.’ Is misleading and possibly even illegal!

Why the hell didn’t the developers write into the code an action script that automatically starts all services required to run Aero themes? That’s an easy fix? Why allow users like me and the other guy above spend hours researching why 9pro doesn’t recognise the change in theme from basic to Aero?

I suspect Steinberg are forced to release new versions in order to keep the bank happy no matter how unfinishedvit is. The sheer volume of basic bugs reported already totally proves that.

Then there is the Steinberg support attitude. Defensive. I have noticed support actually becoming argumentative in desperation to defend this unfinished product. So now they are becoming political instead of acknowledging common sense concerns.

The answer above demonstrates exactly what I mean (don’t know if its a support guy posting?) Straight into defense mode and no suggestion of a solution.

Steinberg needs a serious attitude transplant right now!! Let me come down there for a month. I’ll knock you lot into acceptable shape.

I am in the same boat as you buddy. I’ve actually moved on and bought Pro Tools because of this reason. I have one question for the development team of Cubase:

How much processing power does the audio engine of “the best DAW ever! Period.” seriously require to force the GPU calculations onto the Graphics Card with the present CPUs, RAM and SSDs?

We don’t live in stone age and we know what DWM Composition/Aero Mode in Win 7 are. If more CPU power is required due to audio tracks, plugins etc we can manually switch from high contrast CPU calculated themes to Aero GPU calculated themes to accommodate. WaveLab 9 Pro seems to survive fine without DWM Composition why can’t Cubase 9. Steinberg are so out of touch with their customers it’s a disaster.

I have also started a thread about this issue, you can find it here: