Cubase 9 does not show VST3 plugins when the name contains a '&' character


It seems that VST3 plugins do not show up anymore in Cubase 9 if the plugin name contains a ‘&’ character
As far as I could find out so far, all plugins are missing that contain a ‘&’ either in the plugin name or in the file name.

We currently have got 3 products where this happens:
HOFA 4U Goniometer & Korrelator
HOFA 4U Meter Fader & MS-Pan
The VST2 versions do not have this problem. Only the VST3 versions.

Some of our customers already complained about this in the Steinberg Forum:

I hope that this can be fixed in Cubase. For compatibility with older projects it would not be an option for us to rename the plugin to remove that character.

Best Regards,
Gregor Pogatzki

this will be fixed in the next Cubase hotfix update…UTF8 -XML issue :slight_smile: