Cubase 9 dominates Cubase 10 on my PC!

:open_mouth: Hi all,

I’ve got a nuisance problem. Cubase 9.0.40 dominates my desktop for 3 versions of Cubase 10.0.60 & 8.5.20. No matter what version a project was created in, it opens into Cubase 9. My Windows icon Recent files lists will only show up in the Cubase 9’s icon, regardless of which Cubase version project, I saved the file from.

This problem creates traditional time loss and work for me changing settings and Audio Connection configurations as my projects in Cubase 8.5, 9 and 10 all were created using different hardware and software! Any ideas are welcomed! :question:

Right click one of the project file and select open with, then select Cubase 10 and tick the box telling it to use this program every time.

KHS…YOU GET THE GRAND PRIZE!!! :slight_smile:

So easy and simple of a fix, I’m embarrassed for the problem! Your solution fixed the wrong version opening of Cubase AND- it now lists the opened files on the Cubase 10 icon where applicable. Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile: