Cubase 9 element SUSTAIN PEDAL ISSUE

Hi to all im Marco and im new in this community and im noob on using this program. After i ve installed Cubase in another PC more powerful my keyboard have sustain pedal issue, it dont reach the 127 value but stop at 33 so i have a 0 - 33 value. I tryed to do something with the other topic here but i still dont find a fix for it. The other 2 pedals work great (soft and portamento).
Is there a way to try to change my 33 value to 127?. Untill changing my pc it works well without problem. And why i cant open the inspector tool? its obscured and cant click it to add in toolbar. I hope in a help and answer. Sorry my bad english. Thank and bye.

Hi and welcome,

Why does it send only 33 value as a maximum? Is the pedal damaged?

In any case, you can use MIDI Input transformer to change the value.

If Type is | Equal | Controller | And
Value 1 (MIDI Controller No.) | Equal | 64 And
Value 2 (MIDI Controller Value) | Equal | 33

Value 2 | Set to fixed vale | 127


Don’t forget to enable this Module 1.

Cubase Elements, I think :wink:… No Input Transformer

Oh, Cubase Elements… I’m afraid so.