Cubase 9 Elements activation problem

I just got the new computer with Windows 11 and having a problem with activation of my Cubase 9 Elements for which I have a licence. More over it says I have to login to the steinberg page and reactivate. I am using esoft licenser and after entering the activation code which I got saved on my email it says something like this:

More over is that I lost my login credentials and it says there is no login registered on my email, so as well I’ve lost my options to reactivate it. What to do please help ASAP

With best regards Marcin

That is the correct info.

You will have to contact support through the Steinberg Website to get your login id if you can’t find it.

Nope, I didn’t lost, it’s just when try to login and press forgot password it can’t find the account for that email :smiley:
So after all years it got deleted

No, it was not deleted. There are decades old logins that are still valid.

You will have to contact support through your Steinberg Dealer or Steinberg support, depending on your location. They will sort this for you.