Cubase 9 Elements and RME Babyface "ports inactive"?

Hello, I am new here … I hope this hasn’t already been covered. I did a search and did not find what I’m looking for, so I hope this hasn’t been covered before, and that someone can help.

I just upgraded my WinXP, Presonus Firebox, Cubase LE system to Win 10 64, RME Babyface, Cubase Elements 9. Sweet, right?!?

Well, no, frustrating, actually.

I am having an issue with Cubase recognizing the instrument inputs of my RME Babyface. When I go into Cubase’s Menu: Devices> Device Setup > ASIO Fireface USB, It shows my inputs 3/4 as “inactive”. I can’t seem to change this. The signal is definitely getting from the hardware into RME’s TotalMix monitoring software; I can see the meters going and hear headphone output. But it doesn’t seem to be getting into Cubase. I cannot just use inputs 1/2 on the Babyface because those are mic inputs (XLR), and I am using a line 1/4" cable/instrument; my preference is to use the 1/4" jacks. I updated my RME drivers to the most current available. Is there something I can try in Cubase? Has anyone seen this issue before? I am uploading screenshots of what I’m seeing in “device” menu, how my TotalMix is set up. Thank you.
BF TS4.jpg
BF TS1.jpg
BF TS2.jpg

You need to set up VST connections.

Hi Grim, thank you! Yes, I realized that last night, finally. I didn’t realize all my possible connections didn’t default to “active” … makes sense to save CPU, if that’s why the app is designed this way. Thanks again for your quick response!

Shouldn’t make any difference to cpu use I don’t think…but with multi inputs you might want to set up stereo buses or mono only, or even a surround bus or any combination of the above and Cubase can’t know what it is that you want and assign accordingly so just assigns a single stereo bus to get people going.