cubase 9 elements does not show my external soundcard

i have a little problem. i have cubase 9 elements and a Roland duo-capture soundcard (usb)
when i go to my devices set up and click the vst audio system i can see the options of which soundcard to choose but mine is not in there. I have no idea how i can put mine in there. (duo capture) i can only choose asio4all/ generic low latency asio driver and my old Traktor audio driver which i uninstalled now cause i don’t use Traktor anymore. Is it possible that this soundcard is to old and don’t work with cubase 9? i already reinstal the driver of the soundcard but this doesn’t change a thing. Now when I use asio4all I have problems of cracks and when i use the midi keyboard its even worst.
Will this all go away if i buy a new and up to date soundcard, and will my soundcard appear in the options of my VST audio system?
are there solutions for this problem?
Thanks in advance for answering :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

Make sure you have 64-bit VST driver installed, please.