Cubase 9 elements questions

I am thinking of buying Cubase 9 elements. I have a couple of questions.

  1. I have Addictive Drums which is a Drum Sampler like Ezdrummer. Can I output individual drums to separate tracks in Cubase 9 Elements mixer? So after I insert Addictive Drums as a VST in Cubase elements can I route the bass drum to one track, the snare to another track, hats to another track and so on?

  2. Secondly Cubase Elements 9 has a limit of 16 VST instrument slots. So does this mean I can use 16 external VST instruments within Cubase Elements 9. So for example I have Addictive Drums, I also have Garritan Pocket Orchestra, I have free Kontakt player etc. So I can use a total of 16 external instruments right? I presume EQ compression and reverbs and effects that come with Cubase Elements 9 are not counted as VST instrument slots? Right?

I would be most grateful for an answer to my questions.

Thank you

  1. Yes. You can set up multi outs for instruments that support it.
  2. You can have more than 16 instruments installed, but can only run 16 simultaneously. The 16 can be any mix of Cubade own instruments and third party imstruments. FX are not part of that number.
    NB. Strictly speaking these are not external instruments which is a Cubade feature used to integrate hardware instruments

Many thanks for your answer. I really appreciate it. Yes Addictive Drums supports Multi Out so that’s great.

Also sixteen instruments would be absolutely fine for me. I use Reason which I like a lot. Unfortunately Reason doesn’t support VST instruments so I cant use Addictive Drums or my other VST plug ins in Reason. So my way of working is I construct a song in Reason. Then I import WAV files into another DAW. I was using Sonar. I add my Addictive Drums and and maybe three or four more instrument plug ins and then I slap Ozone on the master channel and that’s it.

It sounds like I can do that in Cubase Elements no problem. I have downloaded the trial.

Once again thank you for your information.