Cubase 9 forgets the MIDI port on my RME Multifaces

This is an odd one, which I’ve had on Cubase for some time (previous versions too).

I have a MacPro (cylinder style) with a Sonnet Thunderbolt to PCIe chassis, containing 3x RME Hammerfall card which are connected to Multifaces (2 mk2 and 1 mk1).

That works beautifully, most of the time. Very low latency audio.

Ableton Live also works well with this setup and doesn’t suffer from the issue I’m seeing with Cubase.

If I have one of the Multifaces’ MIDI ports active in my project (template or actual project), then after a power cycle, Cubase can’t find the Multiface’s MIDI port again and forces me to re-assign it. That would imply that there’s some problem in Cubase’s detection of the MIDI device’s ID somewhere…?

My case might be unusual, but I wonder if anyone else is seeing it - or if Steinberg are aware?


Is the MIDI Port used in a MIDI Track or in Remote Device?

Mainly used for external devices, but this problem (I think) happens if a track refers to none of the Multiface ports either way.

Also, I’m using various USB MIDI interfaces, which all work OK without this problem.


There is a known issue but this is only with the Remote Devices on Mac. But with the tracks.

The issue is exactly what you described, the MIDI Port (used in Remote Device) is lost once you quit and relaunch Cubase. This issue is only with virtual MIDI Ports. For some reason the virtual MIDI Port gets different ID in the system. Therefore it’s not recognized by Cubase.

Once I saw the same issue with hardware too (I forgot which one), but at the end it turns to the fact the company also make a virtual emulated MIDI Port. So at the end it was the same.

There is a solution of this on the 3rd party SW developer, to prevent the new MIDI Port ID. Now the question is, if this is the same with RME.

Makes sense. Thanks for the info. …but like I say, Ableton doesn’t suffer in the same way. Neither do any of my various MIDI tools.

I know, this is specific for Cubase and Remote Devices. I already asked for the fix around 3 years ago…

I have told it’s impossible, because the system provides the ID. At the other hand when you use the virtual MIDI Port as Track In/Out, it works, so there is a way even for Cubase.

Please double check it’s a case of Remote Devices only on your side. If not, it’s another issue and we would need to investigate further then.

Will do. I should mention that I described the issue to RME some time ago. They were confident that there was no problem at their end. They’re usually pretty good at driver/software.

I’m pretty sure that it’s not just remote devices in my case. I have the same problem if I set up, for example, my Korg Kronos as an “external instrument”.

I’ve also started to wind down my use of Cubase as a result of this and other issues which only Cubase seems to exhibit (e.g. the fact that Steinberg told me that Cubase doesn’t support Aggregate audio devices - it doesn’t work, where Ableton does). I’ve started to use other DAWs for a lot of my work.


Ableton Live also doesn’t support Aggregate Device. Even Apple Logic doesn’t support it officially.

…but Ableton does actually work with my aggregate devices, whereas Cubase doesn’t.

In my case, Cubase works with Aggregate Device too.

Try 3x Multifaces, 1 Line6 HD500x, a KORG Kronos and a Roland TD30. :slight_smile:

Cubase always misses one of the last 3. Can be any of them, depending on the order they were added.