Cubase 9 Freezes on Startup

Cubase 9 freezes on startup. I have not been able to use it for the past three weeks. I have raised three tickets but have not had any response. Not the kind of support I expected from Steinberg. Does anyone else have this problem? I have resorted to using Cubase 8.5.

I am having the same issue I think. I’m using Windows 10. Cubase Artist 9. When I go to open a project, the mix console window begins loading the audio and midi tracks, instruments etc. for that project. THEN it stops. Done. Over. I then have to “end task” via the task manager. It doesn’t do this for every project. I’ve posted this issue as well.

Has anyone been able to help you?

Try renaming your plugin folders. Then load the project. Should reset any saved plugin path issues with the project you are trying to load. Rename them back afterwords.

You can also try safe mode. When executing cubase press. Shift+alt+ctrl.
This will reset your cubase preference.

This just started happening to me. The last project I was working on froze when adding the Maximizer in the strip channel.
I had to “end task” via the task manager.

On the Next open it gets to- Initializing: VST Mixer (on the splash screen)
and freezes.

I’m guessing they’re related…lol

This isn’t fun at all…

Sometimes project files get damaged because of retarded Window’s file system, so try

  1. open a backup project
  2. disable external VST plugin folder (rename it)

Hanging\freezing means the software is in the loop. Nothing is possible do with it, some artifact or unpredictable behavior… To me Cubase rock solid. Never expected something like this. Had damaged projects though. I have difficulties open huge projects of C9.0 in 9.5, but I don’t think it is bad. I hate legacy.

I managed to sort this out.

My issue seems to have been automap files of my VST’s.

Never had a problem before…just started out of nowhere.
I trashed my automap files and reinstalled the latest version jic and she opened right up for me.