Cubase 9 Freezing on Initialization

On the Initializing step “Studio Manager”. Could this be an old school caching issue?

What version of Studio manager do you have installed? What operating system are you running on?

I had the same issue for the last few weeks. cubase startup hangs on “initializing studio manager”. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes forever, and then after a PC restart it might continue after minutes. Very annoying.

Just for the info of other people (and maybe cubase programmers) here the reason:
I had this issue the last few weeks. then I realised I swapped my CDROM player/burner. After I disconnected the device the freeze on “initializing studio manager” was gone and I could work in cubase seconds after doubleclicking the icon.

The new CDROM itself was perfectly working, i already used it for burning my music on a CD for in my (old) car and ripping old CDs to mp3.
(I changed it becaudse the old one was slow and had no write capacity)

I don’t know why the new CDROM player blocks starting cubase, but because I need cubase more, i burn my CDs now on another PC.
Hope this helps someone