Cubase 9: HALion 6 blacklisted.

Hi folks,

So near, so far. As you may have read I’m installing everything from scratch after an NTFS failure.

I’m just about done except for HALion 6.

Cubase Pro 9 reports the following during a scan:


C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins\HALion 6\HALion 6.dll

A timeout may have occurred. Check if the plug-in is displaying an error message or click ‘Cancel’ to put the plug-in on the blacklist.

No error messages.

Clicked ‘Cancel’ and yes it does end up being blacklisted.

Any ideas?

Hi folks,

Just on a whim I started the standalone executable, it works just fine.
Something up with the VST side of things.
During the Cubase 9 scan, the scan stops and I guess times out.

Hi folks,

I was so confident of success that I deleted the install files before I tried using it. I was running low on disk space.

Today, I deleted HALion 6 using the Windows uninstaller.

Downloaded HALion 6 again and installed it.

Saved a copy of the install files.

Installed HALion 6 and started Cubase 9 and when the scanner arrived at HALion 6 it had a big think and I thought it was going to time out. Thankfully it didn’t and all is well.