Cubase 9 in december 2016.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh really?

Maybe one more update in september, but update 8.5.20 is probably the last update one before cubase 9.
There is normally 3 to 4 moths between the last update and a new release.
The last 3 cubase version have bin released in begin december.
Before that steinberg released cubase in januari begin February.
Also cubase 8.5 was early this year and there was a survey about cubase some weeks ago.
There was also a report on the website from steinberg that there discontinuing 32 bit support for cubase.
Steinberg is taking al preparations for the next big update.
If everything is going to plan cubase will be out in december.
With any delay’s it will be out in the 1ste quarter of 2017.

Ooh but will it walk the dog and do the dishes? :unamused: :wink: :unamused:

As you were :sunglasses:

No, but what I’ve heard is, it’ll mow the lawn… :open_mouth:

Awesome, I have many acres of lawn. :laughing:

Not to pop any anticipatory bubbles, but every two years we get bombarded with speculation… And the Marketing chaps grin.

That’s right! The only thing I’m interested in is an update to 8.5 that makes plug-in names legible in the mixer. Then, finally I can move from Cubase 6.5. I pray to God that they fix it.

I really want a Preset manager manager

I want sexy background and a programmable score button.

Presets are for amateurs! :mrgreen:

I want more pop up balloons that share affirmations that I’m about to click the right button.

Good advice…wait for the trial before spending your hard earned cash… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Rumor has It that’s Steinberg added a hidden Hot Zone that when you roll over it, a hamster pops up

Is that like a hipster from Hamburg? :confused: :wink: :laughing:


Well I certainly hope that the VIDEO tool is fixed/replaced!



Still waiting for the one button hit song creator… :open_mouth:

No, but it is a hipster hamster. :mrgreen:

To avoid being predictable Steinberg will release
Cubase 9 in either Sept, Oct or Nov of 2016.

Steinberg follows my every move and take note of all my predictions.
To make me look bad they will change their release plans. :laughing:

If history repeats itself… it will be December 7th, always tends to be released on the first Wednesday of December

Well I can’t wait. Cubase 9 will finally enable me to write a worldwide multimillion selling hit!!


There is no point in releasing ANYTHING until the damn VIDEO tool is replaced/repaired! If they are leaving it until mid-December then they will have had almost 9 x months to address this issue. . .