Cubase 9 incredibly glitchy when moving regions, deleting or duplicating midi notes

I’m using Cubase version 9.0.30 pro 64-bit and I’m having a wild number of unusual problems all at once, such as when moving or deleting midi notes, they jump all out of place, moving regions go in wild directions and move different regions, I can’t even snap to the grid anymore.

Booting in safe mode doesn’t work
I can’t find a way to reinstall cubase 9


You can download non supported versions here.

Both Chrome and Microsoft Edge are marking the download as unsafe and won’t allow it. Are you 100% certain it hasn’t been compromised? It says the download is being redirected through an unsecured website before being downloaded which may be a malicious third party. Is there any other way to safely download the .exe?

This is the edge explanation:

Learn how Microsoft Edge handles mixed content downloads | Microsoft Learn

Hi @BenRig811 ,

I’m pretty sure that nothing a has been compromised.
Also, never had any problems with any of the Steinberg manual download pages, and I’m using Mozilla Firefox.

Cubase 9 (all Versions plus Update to 9.0.40)
Manual download page:

And here are the direct download paths as non-linking URLs:
(assuming that you either use Pro or Artist)

Cubase Pro / Artist 9
Main installer: package (ca. 12 Gigabytes):

Cubase Pro / Update to 9.0.40
Update Package (ca. 169 Megabytes):


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Thank you so much!!!

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